eLumen Employee Spotlight – Melissa Kibrick

Melissa Kibrick
eLumen Customer Success Manager

Based in the LA area with her husband and two daughters, Melissa Kibrick has been with eLumen since 2014. With a background in mastery-based learning and a keen interest in education technology, Melissa was drawn to the innovative solution eLumen provides to support integrated processes to advance student success and continuous improvement in higher education. As a member of our Customer Success Team, Melissa works with a number of partner institutions in the U.S. and Mexico on the adoption, implementation and ongoing use of eLumen. Prior to joining eLumen, Melissa earned a B.S. and B.A. in Cognitive Science in Human Cognition and Human Development at University of California, San Diego, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Education at University of California, Irvine.

Before working at eLumen what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

In high school my very first job was a junior tax preparer. At 17-years-old I was doing other people’s taxes!

How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance? 

Our whole family does Karate. I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do, which is what Chuck Norris practices. Currently I have a 1st degree black belt and am hoping to achieve 2nd degree in March 2019.  Our older daughter is a blue belt. We’ve been practicing Karate for almost 9 years. Our oldest daughter started before she was 3-years-old, and my youngest just started. I’m so proud of how hard they work and the strength and confidence karate helped them develop.

Do you have a special talent?

I have gotten very flexible practicing Karate. I can now cross all my fingers and all my toes!!

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Summer of ‘69, Bryan Adams.

What are 3 words you would use to describe eLumen?

  • Innovative –our solution allows for innovative approaches for supporting student success initiatives at each individual institution
  • Fast-paced – we are moving at breakneck speed to stay abreast of changes in higher education
  • Systemic – our platform supports systemic needs in higher education

What is most rewarding about your job here at eLumen; what makes it all worthwhile?

I get to figure out workflow solutions every day, and that’s always been something that I’ve loved doing – puzzle solving. When a client comes to me with a great idea, I love figuring out how to make it happen in eLumen.

Melissa and her family in California

You make how much???

Karen Rothstein, PhD
eLumen Vice President of Strategy and Research

KarenRWhen I first became a teacher, during the 90s tech boom, some people were incredulous at my starting salary…an amount that was probably 1/10 a typical annual bonus. I could see the look on their faces…Why on earth would you go into education? And then I would ask, “Tell me about your favorite teacher.” Without missing a beat, she would launch into a fond tale about Ms. Stacey, who always found a way to make algebra fun using silly voices or Mr. Jennings who would pepper his history lecture with anecdotes about his own trials as a student.  The fact that 30 years later a former student may regale friends with stories of her crazy English teacher Ms. Rothstein who would crawl under a desk to illustrate prepositions and recite Shakespearean soliloquies so dramatically that even Linda Evans would be impressed. That’s why I went into education.

After being a high school teacher, an adjunct professor, an institutional research analyst, and a Dean, I’m now asked…Why on earth would you become a vendor?  Without missing a beat, I launch into my experience in meetings where we would discuss all the wonderful things we wanted to do for students and how we need to become a student-ready college.  The “what” was exciting and inspiring. The “how”…well…um…yeaaah…we’re not quite sure how. How do we let students know their progress along their educational journeys? How do we provide accurate information about programs and course requirements? How do we let students know they are learning? How can we let potential employers know the skills our graduates have? Then I learned about a company that can help colleges answer all of these questions and empower students to make informed choices. That’s why I joined eLumen.

One of my “duties as assigned” is to write an ongoing blog.  As a former English teacher and parenting blogger, I’m very excited to use this part of my brain once again. Please check back regularly to discuss what’s happening in the California Community College system as well as educational systems across the country. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and hope you will as well. There’s quite a bit of change afoot and plenty of fodder for rich discussion. Pathways, promises, and funding…oh my! Plus, I use words like “afoot” and “fodder,” that’s got to be worth something?

eLumen Announces New Director of Strategic Partnerships, Eastern US

Minneapolis, January 15, 2019 – eLumen is pleased to announce that Bill White has joined the team as Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Eastern US. Prior to joining eLumen, Bill served most recently in the role of Strategic Account Executive with Blackboard and was responsible for overall account management and strategy for higher education in the state of Florida. Before that, Bill was the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at Valencia College for 17 years. In this role, Bill provided strategic and operational leadership for Valencia’s information technology services and initiatives supporting multiple campus locations in central Florida.

Prior to Valencia College, Bill was a CIO at SunGard Education and served as Director of the Computer Center at Rockford College. Bill has also provided leadership to and has served on a number of state, regional, and national organizations, including EDUCAUSE, the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), the Florida State College CIO Council, the Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS), and the Florida Society for Information Management (SIM). Bill graduated from Rockford University, majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. 

In his new role at eLumen, Bill will be responsible for authoring and executing on our regional go-to-market strategy; most importantly, Bill will be working with institutions in the evaluation and subsequent implementation of our integrated platform for curriculum management, outcomes assessment, program review, and digital catalog. 

eLumen Announces New Vice President of Strategy and Research

Minneapolis, December 14, 2018 – eLumen is proud to announce that Dr. Karen Rothstein will be joining the executive team as the Vice President of Strategy and Research. With a career in education that spans more than 20 years, Karen believes in the power of education to transform the lives of individuals. Her professional background includes educational administrator, research analyst, college professor, and high school English teacher. Most recently, Karen was the Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Moorpark College and served as the President of the Board of Directors for the RP Group, the professional organization for Researchers and Planners in the California community college system. She received her PhD and MA from UCLA in Education: Human Development & Psychology and her BA from SUNY Geneseo in English.

Karen is deeply passionate about student equity and the urgency of shifting the paradigm from “college-ready students” to “student-ready colleges.” Her extensive experience in team leadership, strategic planning, and developing programs and services across educational segments positions her well as a collaborator with eLumen partner schools in ensuring feature sets align with practical application. With a “yes and” attitude and a high-touch approach, she strives to understand what outcomes institutions are trying to achieve and how to build the program that gets them there. Additionally, in her role as Vice President of Strategy and Research at eLumen, Karen will track and define education trends around curriculum, assessment, co-remediation, competency-based education, and guided pathways, and develop and deepen relationships with regional, national, and global education associations.

Contra Costa Community College District Selects eLumen

ContraCosta_no_marginseLumen, the leading provider of software and services built to power student learning and success, announced today that the Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) has selected eLumen to provide an integrated solution to help the District with accreditation, curriculum and catalog, program review and planning, and student learning outcomes. eLumen was CCCCD’s choice thanks to its seamless integration, consistent interface, and easy data interchange and exchange, allowing the District to address emerging needs for Guided Pathways and Chancellor Oakley’s Vision for Success while eliminating inefficiencies resulting from non-integrated systems.

Dr. Fred Wood, Contra Costa Community College District Chancellor,  explained why eLumen was their choice for student and institutional success by stating, “As a complex organization of three colleges with similar and yet unique needs, we wanted a partner that would help us with the challenges from such initiatives as AB705, Guided Pathways, shifting funding formulas, etc.”

We were seeking a single solution to encompass all of our needs from Program Review, Student Learning Outcomes and the Course/Scheduling approval processes. eLumen stood out as the only provider that could address all of these needs in a single platform. — Mojdeh Mehdizadeh, Executive Vice Chancellor

CCCCD’s colleges, Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, and Los Medanos College, had been laboring through manual processes and disparate systems to manage college and district level curriculum and student learning outcomes assessment management, strategic program planning and review and reporting processes. The colleges and district look forward to integrated workflow processes within eLumen’s platform, saving time and resources so that more focus can be spent on making informed decisions on program improvements and student progress.

“We were seeking a single solution to encompass all of our needs from Program Review, Student Learning Outcomes and the Course/Scheduling approval processes. eLumen stood out as the only provider that could address all of these needs in a single platform,” says Mojdeh Mehdizadeh, Executive Vice Chancellor, Education and Technology at CCCCD.

About Contra Costa Community College District

The Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) is one of the largest multi-college community college districts in California. The CCCCD serves a population of 1,019,640 people, and its boundaries encompass all but 48 of the 734-square-mile land area of Contra Costa County. The District is home to Contra Costa College in San Pablo, Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, as well as educational centers in Brentwood and San Ramon. The District headquarters is located in downtown Martinez. For more information visit http://www.4cd.edu/default.aspx

About eLumen

eLumen is a globally recognized innovative curriculum and assessment management platform that supports integrated workflow across multiple academic processes. Whether workforce alignment, accreditation demands, or curriculum redesign, you need to start the design of your courses and programs with competencies and learning outcomes in mind. eLumen lets you build your curriculum around your learning outcomes and integrate them seamlessly with outcomes assessment and program review, letting you “close the loop” like no other partner can. Our configurable course and program design workflows let you manage every type of curriculum, while also designing Guided Pathways, Transfer Programs, and other important curriculum management functions.

Additionally eLumen’s catalog module works in tandem with curriculum management to provide seamless updates to approved courses and requirements for online catalog posting via a robust curriculum map tool, eliminating the manual work of catalog updates—and opening the possibility of ed plan and advising integration. Our Catalog feature integrates with labor market data so students can make informed decisions on course selection; additional student engagement resources include badging, portfolios, and extended transcripts. For more information visit www.elumenconnect.com