eLumen and Coursetune Partner to Provide Comprehensive Curriculum Development Resources

Minneapolis / Salt Lake City – April 17, 2019 – eLumen, the world’s first ever fully integrated curriculum and assessment management software provider, announced today their partnership with Coursetune, a blueprinting software for visualizing curriculum design. This partnership provides eLumen partner institutions with an interactive way to identify curriculum gaps and alignment at-a-glance and provides Coursetune institutions with comprehensive curriculum and catalog workflow management fully integrated with outcomes assessment, strategic planning, and student engagement.

“From the time we started at eLumen, we have believed that the foundation of a great learning experience is a well-designed curriculum. Partnering with Coursetune allows our institutions to deepen their engagement with backwards design and constructive alignment while leveraging the power of eLumen to support sustainable continuous improvement and program development (and review),” said Joel Hernandez, eLumen CEO. “This opens doors for collaboration and transparency that just haven’t been available before—we couldn’t be more excited about what this makes possible for our institutions.”

“The ability to provide customers with an end-to-end system for designing curriculum, cataloging, and assessing, is exactly the type of big-picture goal we aim for at Coursetune. We are pleased to see this goal come about in our partnership with eLumen, which has been successfully championing this vision around the world, with quality higher education solutions,” said Dr. Maria Andersen, Coursetune CEO. “The more we can help educators ensure high quality curriculum design and continuous improvement of that curriculum, the better the value and outcomes for students.”

To learn more about Coursetune, visit http://www.coursetune.com.

About Coursetune

Coursetune provides highly visual blueprints of the requirements and strategy behind quality course design. Planning first in Coursetune helps teams identify curriculum gaps, prepare for accreditation, communicate program vision, and create higher quality learner experiences. Coursetune enables educators and administrators to collaborate effectively on the complex alignment process necessary before creating syllabi, lessons, activities, assessments, or multi-media content, for face-to-face, online or blended learning.

About eLumen

eLumen is the first ever fully integrated system to support curriculum and catalog, assessment and program review, ed planning, badging, career pathway maps, and more! eLumen workflows feed performance and disaggregated data to those who need it – academic leadership, institutional research, faculty, and students. Only eLumen can help manage all these processes in one platform that also connects with your SIS and LMS, allowing you to accomplish what you need to do so you can focus on what you want to do. eLumen supports some of the most innovative colleges and universities across the globe.

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